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Our Services

What We Do

It can be pretty overwhelming trying to understand all the technical jargon associated with website development. We know that just want your brand well represented, the information up to date and the layout aesthetically well thought out.

We keep the process simple and break it down into four parts. If you’re interested in understanding the process you can click and learn about the approach.

Design & Develop

The first step is to have a conversation and identify the needs of your new website. It’s a really casual and easy process. We don’t want to waste your time, so we jump on a call, chat it up and we send you a few questions to fill out. We take it from there!

  • Identify website needs
  • Create and refine content
  • Build and test


Hosting is simply where you website files live. If you already have a website, you’re probably paying a annual fee for shared hosting with a bigbox provider like Godaddy, AWS or Google. We host your files and we include the maintenance, security and website content changes as well. Since all our clients are small to medium sized businesses our resources aren’t taxed extensively so it’s much easier for our team to monitor performance to assure your files are safe and delivered to your customers efficiently.

  • Fast
  • Reliable
  • Safe

Maintain and Secure

While your site might run well when you first put it online, all kinds of potentially dangerous vulnerabilities may crop up that caused issues. This is often due to poorly managed updates and data backups. Our all-inclusive pricing keeps that in check and help anticipate potential vulnerabilities so you can prevent issues from ever occurring in the first place.

  • Monitor
  • Update
  • Back up

Content Changes

No longer do you have to go into the backend to make changes to your website. We know it can be overwhelming making changes to the backend without technical experience. With our packages, you simple compose an email and we take care of your changes for you. Since we are the ones who designed and developed your site, we will keep the layout the same and make those changes quickly without compromising the design.

  • Up to date information for your customers
  • Requires no technical background
  • Submit your changes through email